Undertone 2
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Undertone 2 is here!

Try it now.       Full version €199 – Upgrade €89 (tax excl.)

  • AAX/VST3/AU support
  • Automation support for all parameters
  • Dual parallel Engines: Single and Multi play together and can be freely mixed
  • Preset Browser to easily save, find and organise presets, with search, comments and tag support
  • Dynamic grains movement: grains move from source to destination in the soundfiel. Supports up to 7.1
  • AudioSuite renders are 20x faster than Undertone 1.x
  • Slots Overview for quick view and tweaking of all 10 slots
  • Sample Editor to edit loaded sounds
  • Pitch shift and length control of the IR in the Convolution synth
  • New Mini Single Engine view
  • Filters for the granular and convolution synths in Single
  • In Single, AudioSuite can use the slot names for the rendered clips
  • Accessibility enabled UI (in hosts that support it)
  • All 10 slots can play even if not visible and can be shown independently from one another
  • Windows 8 to 11 support
  • Level meters for Single and Multi
  • Load only part of a preset: Audio, Single, Multi and Panner settings and each slot independently
  • Samples and presets are always resampled on load to the current session sample rate
  • Reworked user interface, larger and more user friendly
  • Resizable UI
  • More than 150 new and updated presets
  • Auto Load in the preset browser to quickly listen and load presets
  • In Multi, new Grains Limit control per slot: set the maximum number of grains on each slot
  • Native Intel and AppleSilicon support on MacOS 10.12 to 12.4
  • Grains Number can be set to 0: it stops the granular synth
  • Drag and drop support for audio files and presets
  • Slots are shown when selected or ‘Pinned’ on the Slots Overview
  • Dry (mix Undertone 2 with existing sounds) and main output levels

And much more.


DragOut is a fast and powerful interface to export audio files from Pro Tools to Finder or any other software or plugin that supports drag and drop, with complete control of their channel layout.
DragOut is also a Stereo and Mono downmixer.
And much more.

DragOut is a Pro Tools AudioSuite plug-in (for MacOS).
Try it now!

 Only €69  (tax excl.)

Virtual Controller by Attacco transforms everything in a percussive MIDI controller.
It finds attack transients in an audio stream, analyzes, and converts them into MIDI messages.

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