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Undertone 2.3 is now available (MacOS only).

(free update for Undertone 2 owners)

Try it now.       Full version €220 – Upgrade from Undertone 1.x €89 (tax excl.)

  • (New in 2.3) AI powered Unvoiced auto selection
  • (New in 2.3) Spectrogram view in the sample editor
  • Support for Undertone Lite presets
  • Multi-Bands Grains in Single
  • Native Apple Silicon support (universal binary)
  • Support for FLAC, AIFF, MP3, and OGG audio formats.
  • Slots can be automatically pinned/unpinned if audio is loaded in a slot
  • AAX/VST3/AU support
  • Automation support for all parameters
  • Dual parallel Engines: Single and Multi play together and can be freely mixed
  • Preset Browser to easily save, find and organise presets, with search, comments and tag support
  • Dynamic grains movement: grains move from source to destination in the soundfiel. Supports up to 7.1
  • AudioSuite renders are 20x faster than Undertone 1.x
  • Slots Overview for quick view and tweaking of all 10 slots
  • Sample Editor to edit loaded sounds
  • Pitch shift and length control of the IR in the Convolution synth
  • New Mini Single Engine view
  • Filters for the granular and convolution synths in Single
  • In Single, AudioSuite can use the slot names for the rendered clips
  • Accessibility enabled UI (in hosts that support it)
  • All 10 slots can play even if not visible and can be shown independently from one another
  • (New in 2.3) Sample editor preview
  • (New in 2.3) Parameters Area can be hidden for a minimal interface
  • Noise Profile for the Convolution Synth in Single
  • Revamped Sample Editor: add support for multiple selections in samples and more
  • Multi: Solo can also mute Single Engine
  • High and Low pass filters can be moved together
  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Windows 8 to 11 support
  • Level meters for Single and Multi
  • Load only part of a preset: Audio, Single, Multi and Panner settings and each slot independently
  • Samples and presets are always resampled on load to the current session sample rate
  • Reworked user interface, larger and more user friendly
  • Resizable UI
  • More than 150 new and updated presets
  • Auto Load in the preset browser to quickly listen and load presets
  • In Multi, new Grains Limit control per slot: set the maximum number of grains on each slot
  • Native Intel and AppleSilicon support on MacOS 10.12 to 12.4
  • Grains Number can be set to 0: it stops the granular synth
  • Drag and drop support for audio files and presets
  • Slots are shown when selected or ‘Pinned’ on the Slots Overview
  • Dry (mix Undertone 2 with existing sounds) and main output levels

And much more.
(See release notes)

  • Undertone Lite

Undertone Lite is now available.

Try it now.       Full version €120 (tax excl.)
Undertone 2 License authorises Undertone Lite.

Undertone Lite is the new member of the Undertone family: it can easily and quickly create fills (but not only!) for dialogue and SFX editing.

We envisioned Undertone Lite as an introductory version to Undertone 2, with a simple and easy to read interface but a powerful synth engine derived from Undertone 2 Single. 

Undertone Lite is available for MacOS and Windows in AAX, AudioSuite, VST3 and AudioUnit formats.

Current and future Undertone 2 licenses include free activation of Undertone Lite. Undertone Lite users can upgrade to Undertone 2.x for €100 (tax exc.).


DragOut is now available on Windows.
DragOut is a fast and powerful interface to export audio files from Pro Tools to Finder/Explorer  or any other software or plugin that supports drag and drop, with complete control of their channel layout.
DragOut is also a Stereo and Mono downmixer.
And much more.

DragOut is a Pro Tools only AudioSuite plug-in for MacOS (Universal Binary) and Windows.
Try it now!

Only €69, tax excl.

Virtual Controller by Attacco transforms everything in a percussive MIDI controller.
It finds attack transients in an audio stream, analyzes, and converts them into MIDI messages.

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