Undertone is a semi-random ambience and texture generator, sound multiplier and drone maker, based on granular and convolution synthesis.
It can create dialogue fills, evolving soundscapes and sound fx from short audio samples.

Undertone is a Pro Tools AudioSuite plug-in (for MacOS and Windows) made by sound editors for sound editors. Try it now!

Only€199 (tax excl.)

DragOut is a fast and powerful interface to export audio files from Pro Tools to Finder or any other software or plugin that supports drag and drop, with complete control of their channel layout.
DragOut is also a Stereo and Mono downmixer.
And much more.

DragOut is a Pro Tools AudioSuite plug-in (for MacOS).
Try it now!

 Only €69  (tax excl.)

Virtual Controller by Attacco transforms everything in a percussive MIDI controller.
It finds attack transients in an audio stream, analyzes, and converts them into MIDI messages.

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