Welcome Undertone Lite, the new member of the Undertone Family.

Undertone Lite is a plugin based on granular and convolution synthesis, specifically designed for sound editors and audio post professionals. It uses the same engine as its big brother, Undertone 2, trusted and used daily by so many editors all around the world.
Undertone Lite can generate ambience fill from short audio samples, as short as 150 ms and up to 30 seconds, in a very organic and natural way.

Download the latest installer and try it for free for 15 days.

Because of its very powerfull engine and simple to use interface, Undertone Lite is the perfect tool to effortlessly create ambience fills while editing dialogue and ADR.

Undertone Lite can also be used as a realtime texture generator, making it a great versatile tool.

Undertone Lite is available now  as VST3, Audio Units, AAX and AudioSuite (for MacOS and Windows).

Undertone 2 users can run Undertone Lite with their current license (Undertone 2 license authorises Undertone lite).

 Try it now (15 days trial included)

Full version €120 (tax excl.)

Undertone Lite can be upgraded to Undertone 2.


What’s inside Undertone Lite

Available in VST3, Audio Units, AAX Native and AudioSuite formats
Small, handy and simple to use interface
Automation support for all parameters
Preset Browser to easily save, find and organise presets, with search, comments and tag support
Presets cross-compatibility with Undertone 2
Sample Editor to edit loaded sounds
Pitch shift and length control of the IR in the Convolution synth, alongside the new Noise Profile control
Filters for the granular and convolution synths
AudioSuite can use the slot names for the rendered clips
Drag and drop support for audio files and presets
Native Intel and AppleSilicon support on MacOS 10.12 to 12.4
Windows 8 to 11 support

And much more!

Undertone Lite features highlights

  • Easily create fills for dialogue and ADR editing
  • Create surround ambiences from mono sound recordings
  • Create M&E fills in seconds

Simple room tones and fillers. Easy to use powerful engine.
Undertone Lite is the tool you need to effortlessly make your editing feel alive.

Main interface

Load a sample and easily generate constant and natural audio streams correlated to the original audio.
Pitch and Level can be randomised to create more dynamic sounds and add variations.
The granular synth can be mixed with the convolution synth: an easy way to add movement to static tones.
With the filters, split the spectrum between the granular synth and the convolution synth or shape the sound of one of the generators to better suit your needs.
And also tweak the IR length, pitch or noise profile to create even more variations.

Preset Browser

Undertone Lite comes with a library of Tones (presets) that you can use in your productions or as a starting point for your work.
The preset browser is a database based tool, where your presets can be saved, organised with tags and easily searched and loaded.
Auto Load lets you listen and load presets as soon as they are selected.
The inspector offers an at a glance overview of the selected preset, showing the most important information and an area for user comments.
Undertone Lite can load the Single engine from Undertone 2 presets, and all Undertone Lite presets are compatible with its big brother.

Undertone Lite vs Undertone 2

Undertone Lite derives its engine from Undertone 2 Single.

Check all the differences between Undertone Lite and Undertone 2.

You can upgrade your Undertone Lite license to its big brother any time for €100 (plus taxes).

Undertone 2 users can authorise Undertone Lite with their license.

Simple UI

Minimal and easy to use interface..
Advanced parameters can be shown only when needed.

Sample Editor

Freely select the regions that will be used by Undertone Lite.

Fast Audio Loading

Multiple way to load audio samples for a fast and efficient workflow.

Granular/Convolution spectrum split

With linked filters, its easy to split the spectrum between the granular and convolution synths.