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We’re excited to announce the availability of Undertone 2.3 (MacOS only). Thanks to the power of Neural Network, Undertone 2 can now automatically select and remove voiced sounds from any loaded sample: with this powerful tool, creating dialogue fill is now easier and faster than ever. Undertone 2.3 also add a Spectrogram viewings the sample editor, sample editor preview in the main window, an even smaller UI to save screen space and much more.

For an overview of the new features please check the release notes and watch our introductory video.

Download the latest installer and try the new features!

Undertone 2 is a major update and advancement from Undertone 1: faster, more powerful and easier to use, with a long list of new  features and improvements.

Undertone 2 is a realtime ambience and texture generator, sound multiplier and drone maker, based on granular and convolution synthesis.

Up to 50 grains. Grains up to 30 seconds long. 7.1 panner support.

Undertone 2 is now available as VST3, Audio Units, AAX and AudioSuite (for MacOS and Windows).
 Try it now (30 days trial included)

Full version €220 – Upgrade €89 (tax excl.)


Music by Bewider

Contact us for your free upgrade if you purchased Undertone 1
on or after August 1 2022.
(Also contact us for Educational and Multi seats upgrades)

What’s new in Undertone 2?

Available in VST3, Audio Units, AAX Native and AudioSuite formats
Automation support for all parameters
Dual parallel Engines: Single and Multi play together and can be freely mixed
Preset Browser to easily save, find and organise presets, with search, comments and tag support
Dynamic grains movement: grains move from source to destination in the soundfield. Supports up to 7.1
AudioSuite renders are 20x faster than Undertone 1.x
Slots Overview for quick view and tweaking of all 10 slots
Sample Editor to edit loaded sounds
Pitch shift and length control of the IR in the Convolution synth
New Mini Single Engine view
Filters for the granular and convolution synths in Single
In Single, AudioSuite can use the slot names for the rendered clips
Accessibility enabled UI (in hosts that support it)
Native Intel and AppleSilicon support on MacOS 10.12 to 12.4
Windows 8 to 11 support
Level meters for Single and Multi
Load only part of a preset: Audio, Single, Multi and Panner settings and each slot independently
Samples and presets are always resampled on load to the current session sample rate
Reworked user interface, larger and more user friendly
Resizable UI
More than 150 new and updated presets
Auto Load in the preset browser to quickly listen and load presets
In Multi, new Grains Limit control per slot: set the maximum number of grains on each slot
All 10 slots can play even if not visible and can be shown independently from one another
Grains Number can be set to 0: it stops the granular synth
Drag and drop support for audio files and presets
Slots are shown when selected or ‘Pinned’ on the Slots Overview
Dry (mix Undertone 2 with existing sounds) and main output levels

And much more!

What can you do with Undertone 2?

  • Easily create fills for dialogue editing
  • From multiple single sounds to multitude
  • Randomise sounds (in time and space)
  • Create surround ambiences from mono sound recordings
  • Generate variations from your audio samples
  • Design ever changing soundscapes
  • Perform evolving musical drones
  • Create M&E fills in seconds

Simple room tones and fillers. Complex and rich backgrounds. Realistic and evolving environments. Otherworldly sounds. Musical drones.
Undertone 2 is the breath of randomness that gives life and movement to any sound.

Single Engine

Select one of the available slot and easily generate constant and natural audio streams correlated to the original sample.
Pitch and Level can be randomised to create more dynamic sounds and add variation.
The granular synth can be mixed with the convolution synth: an easy way to add movement and variation to static tones.
With the filters, split the spectrum between the granular synth and the convolution synth or shape the sound of one of the generators to better suit your needs
And also tweak the IR length and pitch to create even more variations.

UT2 single mini
UT2 Multi

Multi Engine

And when you want more, deep dive into the powerful and experimental side of Undertone 2, the Multi Engine.
Undertone 2 becomes an innovative granular synth that uses all ten slots as source for the granular synth. Up to 10 sounds can be active at the same time and can be used to generate complex and dynamic sounds. Each slot has its own parameters (Level, Pitch, Reverse Probability, Envelope, Grain Duration, Pitch Randomisation and Level Randomisation) which will affects the grains generated by Undertone 2.
Each slot can be panned (in a soundfield up to 7.1) and grains can dynamically move in the space, for ever evolving soundscapes, drones, ambiences.
Every new grain is seeded randomly with the content of one of the available slots: the Probability, Grains Limit and Rest Time (and the total number of Grains) define which slot will be used for each grain.
And all parameters can follow automation for even more control and variety.

Don’t forget that with Undertone 2 you can always mix together Single and Multi engines!

Preset Browser

Undertone 2 comes with a library of Tones (presets) that you can use in your productions or as a starting point for your work.
The preset browser is a database based tool, where your presets can be saved, organised with tags and easily searched and loaded.
Auto Load lets you listen and load presets as soon as they are selected.
The inspector offers an at a glance overview of the selected preset, showing the most important information and an area for user comments.
In Undertone 2, it is now possible to load only part of a preset: Single, Multi and Panner settings, audio samples and each slot can be independently loaded for a granular control of the final generated sound.

UT2 Preset Browser

Single/Multi Mixer

Single and Multi engines can be mixed together with the Engine Mixer.
Double click on Single and Multi to set the mixer fully to that engine.


Granular Motion Path: grains travel in the soundfield, with full control of randomisation and position.

Sample Editor

Edit the start and end of the loaded sounds and adjust their gain.

Fast Audio Loading

Multiple way to load audio samples into Undertone 2 for a fast and efficient workflow.

Granular/Convolution spectrum split

With linked filters, its easy to split the spectrum between the granular and convolution synth.

History (AudioSuite only)

Keep track of your work with the History.
Each element on the list is an Undertone 2 snapshot, saved on render: click to recall.

User Stories


Dustin Harris
Supervising sound editor
(The Handmaid’s Tale, The Expanse, Locke & Key)

“Undertone is my favourite tool for creating dialogue fill,
it sounds more natural than anything else I’ve tried”

Andrew Twite
Sound designer
(Everything Everywhere All at Once, Star Trek: Discovery)

“Undertone has become an invaluable tool in my effects editorial and design arsenal. In many instances, I am able to take a handful of seemingly ordinary sounds and create unique beds with extraordinary movement, characteristics, and, at times, emotion.

Undertone proved critical in approaching the backgrounds and drones we created for Everything Everywhere All at Once. It was very useful in creating beds that enabled us to add a sense of confusion or ambiguity when one universe was leaking into the next, as well as the unearthly/hollow tones used to make up the temple of the Bagel and the Bagel void itself”

Michael Maroussas
Supervising dialogue editor
(Chernobyl, Black Mirror, Darkest Hour)

“Undertone is now an essential in my dialogue editing toolbox – for creating clean fill, fill with movement in it, for continuing bg noises such as planes or car noise which is often hard to fill, for elongating screams…you name it. And it’s a must-have for creating DX sessions for M&E too. Strongly recommended!”

Matteo Milani
Sound Designer & Founder @ Unidentified Sound Object

“The grown up kids @ Audiokids have enclosed in a unique and friendly device two of my desert island DSP tools: granulation and convolution. Once you’ve started using Undertone, it’s addictive… primarily for the tiny but important tasks such as creating air fills for dialogue tracks. Watch out though: it’s a powerful instrument to create complex soundscapes and atmospheres in an intuitive, simple interface. Kudos to Davide, Fabrizio and Mattia!”