Undertone Mystic Evolutions


Undertone Mystic Evolutions by Wideraudio is a collection of Tone files that explore the meditative and evocative side of granular synthesis with a suggestive selection of environmental drones. Each Tone is based on vocal and instrumental sounds carefully recorded in an Italian 1200s abbey, using different microphones to capture the natural, lush reverberation. The vocals were performed by the incredibly talented and gifted Debora Longini.
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Download Undertone Mystic Evolutions

Undertone Evolutions


Undertone Evolutions by Wideraudio is a collection of sounds created with both modular synths and organic components.
The idea is to provide a set of sound components capable of generating evocative and semi-self-generating soundscapes.
You can generate drones or pads in an infinite way by combining all the possibilities offered by the Undertone engine, creating really interesting and original textures that can be used in different fields of application: environmental sound systems, music sound design, sound installations.
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Included with the Undertone installer.

Outer Rim

U.S.O. Libraries - Matteo Milani

Unsettling soundscapes provided by U.S.O. Libraries
Outer Rim is a library of analog feedback noises exclusively designed for Audiokids Undertone. Matteo Milani turned a standard mixing board into an electronic music instrument, generating sounds without any external audio input and processed in real-time using guitar effects and external devices.
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Factory Tonepack


The starter Tones pack with a variety of different sounds and themes. Tones are organised in folders:

  • Dialogue Editing - Tones with fill for various backgrounds and examples of different tecniques
  • Ambience - from real to outworldly soundscapes
  • Sound FX - squeaks, bells, traffics, metals, sirens, wind, fire
  • Drones - tonal textures and evolving melodies
  • Musical chords - presets only (no samples) with chord/harmonies
  • Settings Only
  • Utilities
  • a U.S.O. Libraries special TonePack!
Included with the Undertone installer.