DragOut is now available on Windows.
DragOut is a fast and powerful interface to export audio files from Pro Tools to Finder/Explorer  or any other software or plugin that supports drag and drop, with complete control of their channel layout.
DragOut is also a Stereo and Mono downmixer.
And much more.

DragOut is a Pro Tools only, AudioSuite plug-in for MacOS (Universal Binary) and Windows.
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With DragOut, exporting an audio file or an edit selection, is as simple as clicking and dragging from the BigBlueArrow to the destination.
Possible destinations are:
• Another Pro Tools track
• A plugin in Pro Tools that supports drag and drop (like Undertone)
• A Finder folder
• Another DAW like Ableton or Reaper
• An external software sampler
• Another software like an email client or an ftp browser

Music by Bewider

Drag and Drop Export

Click and drag from the BigBlueArrow to any destination that supports drag and drop

Channels re-ordering

Each loaded channel can be freely reordered into a different position

Mono and Stereo Downmix

Quickly create and export Mono and Stereo downmixes

Up to 7.1.2

DragOut supports up to 7.1.2 multichannel audio files

Interleaved and Multi-mono

Export polyphonic and multi-mono audio files

Dynamic Tooltip

Never feel lost: move the cursor on a control to have an instant feedback from the Tips Overview