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    Undertone Minimum requirements:
    MacOS 10.10 – Windows 8
    Pro Tools 12  (Pro Tools 11 users should contact us for compatible version)
    AAX AudioSuite only (VST and AU not supported)
    Authorization requires an iLok2 or iLok3
    DragOut Minimum requirements:
    MacOS 10.10
    (Windows version coming early 2022)
    Pro Tools 11
    AAX AudioSuite only (VST and AU not supported)
    Authorization requires an iLok account

    Release notes

    Version 1.2.4 (21.10.13)

    – Added support for Audiosuite handles
    – SINGLE Mini UI redesigned to support capture without the Audiosuite Capture button
    – Removed the Capture button in the Audiosuite shell to support handles.
    Undertone now requires Pro Tools 12 or later

    Version 1.2 (21.09.22)

    – Re-designed and improved interface for Mini Mode
    – Fixed a bug that could crash Pro Tools when working in Multi


    Version 1.1 (21.08.26)

    – Master Seed: random sequences are generated from an alpha numeric string, the Master Seed. Can be locked to generate the same output with each subsequent render
    – Changed the History UI: to edit, pin or remove a snapshot, click on the appropriate icon
    – Single Mode is 5x faster
    – Audio files can be dropped directly onto a slot
    – Level Randomization and Pitch Randomization can be set to 0, turning off randomization
    – More UI and usability improvements
    – Mini mode now looks different, with an improved slot UI.
    – Surround Panner: grains position in space can be controlled and randomised for each slot, up to 7.1
    – Solo and Mute button on each slot
    – Relative control of parameters across multiple slots

    Version 1.0.12 (21.02.18)

    [ADD] First Windows release
    Version 1.0.12 (21.01.13)
    [IMP] MULTI mode: 10x faster rendering times
    [CHG] Pro Tools presets now save the slots audio content
    [ADD] Undertone retains its entire state (audio and settings) after closing and opening sessions. History is not saved between sessions.
    [ADD] Audiosuite Capture button added for compatibility with Pro Tools 11 (captures to the selected slot)
    [ADD] log file
    [ADD] build number on settings page
    [FIX] Disabling the Random Pitch in Multi also disabled the parameter in Single
    [FIX] Random digital spikes with specific settings
    Version 1.0.0
    First public release
    Version 1.0.0 (21.12.14)
    First public release